Proof of grandparents' marriage

Indította Jelloberries, 2021 április 08, 23:43:25

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Hi everyone!

My Hungarian isn't too great so I'll write this in English. I am trying to gain dual US-Hungarian citizenship and I have all the paperwork I need except my paternal grandparents' marriage certificate. The Hungarian Registry of Vital Records could not locate it in the district we all believed they got married in: District 2. My parents say they got married in the same church they did: Church of St. Anthony of Padua on Pasareti utca. Their names are Ferenc Beres (born May 29, 1923 in Godollo) and Erzsebet Koptyik (born April 16, 1930 in Rakoshegy, Budapest). Ferenc's parents were named Maria Vati and Jozsef Beres. Erzsebet's parents were named Lajos Koptyik and Erzsebet Viczencz. My grandparents were both were previously married to other people. I only know the name of Ferenc's first wife: Terez Magashazi (born February 11, 1923, death August 12, 1953).

Can anyone help me confirm my grandparents' marriage? Can anyone find this information for me or have any suggestions? Their US Naturalization papers say they got married on April 12, 1951 but I'm not sure that's correct based on when his first wife passed away. Such a mystery to me...  :o

Skoumal Krisztián

Hi, I think I can help you, also in obtaining the certificate.
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